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We have big hearts and a big home and there is no way we're going one more day without sharing these things with innocent creatures who have need. We welcome two kittens (sisters - I think they're both girls. I hope they're both girls...) They're so cute! They're a bit skittish as they've never seen a bathtub before, or a toilet or a bathroom or an oven, a refrigerator - a kitchen. (Strangely enough, despite never having seen a kitchen, they both ran toward the noise of the can opener...I never fed them canned cat food so how do they know? Is the sound of a can opener imprinted on their DNA? Mama cat was adopted from a shelter and their papa is a tom so...) They are adorable and won't leave the living room and dining room. They have a whole house to explore! They've never been inside a structure with more than two rooms before.


The cat moved. After I go through his violent behavior, hypothyroidism, enlarged heart, crushed pills every 12 hours, radioactive poop, radioactive cat, countless throwing up spells - after all the sickness and biting, he gets cured and then moves. I'm so sad. He wasn't very happy with the thought of driving cross state lines and evidently, he meowed (whined) for over three hours straight in an enclosed car, driving my poor sister into a frazzled state of mind. He's gone. Twelve and a half years of this bundle and joy, minus the time I hightailed it to Hollywood. Gone. But he's alive and he's (finally) healthy so I'm not sad , sad. Just missing him sad. It's not like I can e-mail him. Well, I could. It's not like I can follow his Twitter. It'd just be, 'Meow-mrrrr' anyway so I guess it's just as well.


I went to BioSET again. I'm no longer allergic to asbestos. Good thing, too, asbestos is bad enough on its own without having an allergic reaction to boot. We finished up the environmental toxins kit - I get annoyed with myself because I have to frequently split one kit into two separate treatments. is what it is. After years and years of my immune system overworked and at diminished capacity, all the allergies and bad nutrition (who's hungry when everything you eat hurts?) - I can't really get mad at my body - myself - for not being able to handle one kit at a time.

Radioactive Poop

We went to pick up our little darling from his radioactive treatment. He didn’t meow until he saw me – then he didn’t stop. At all. For the rest of the day. Poor thing. Poor radioactive thing. We chucked him in the car in the cat carrier, turned out of the driveway and promptly got lost. Soon after we got back on track – I nearly bolted from the car. As I was driving, this greatly disturbed Mom. She looked strangely at me. “Oh my! I can’t breathe!” She furrowed her brow as though wondering if I’d gone insane right then and there. Then – all of the sudden – she gagged. I rolled down the windows and hung out of it like a dog. It didn’t help. The cat meowed. I shouted over him. Mom laughed, squeezing her nose shut with her whole hand. “The cat pooped!” I shouted, unfortunately at a red light with the windows open. “He radioactively pooped – in my car!” Mom found this so funny. I did not. We finally made it home and dealt with the poor creature and his radioactive poop. (I mean, seriously,

Radioactive Cat

After debating and research, we decided to take the cat in for radioactive treatment. At 12 ½ yrs. old, he’s been diagnosed with hyperactive thyroid. We tried the pills but our schedules don’t permit us to mush it into his food every twelve hours. Also and more important, we hate drugs and the drugs’ll end up killing him, albeit later than the hyperactive thyroid which already seems to be wreaking havoc with his little kitty heart. And they have side effects. So, naturally, we went with the treatment that will make him radioactive. This is a cure. There are supposed to be no side effects – except the violent, little darling will be radioactive and we have to limit our exposure to him for the next two weeks (I can’t sleep with him) and treat his litter box as though it’s hazardous waste material. Which…it is. It wasn’t actually my decision as he’s not technically my cat but I did voice my opinion in the matter (shocking!) and am glad we’re going to try this route. My sister took him in


Holy cow. I was allergic to all sorts of trees and grasses. We did the 'Outdoor Allergens Kit'. The second treatment, we did the 'Spices Kit' - I had no allergy to garlic! I used to be allergic to garlic and we never cured that one. So I've been avoiding it in my food until we did the 'Spices Kit' and look what happened - my body healed itself! He said this is quite common and will most likely happen a lot. As the allergies are cured, there is less and less stress on the immune system, translation: immune system can better function. Also, the more I can eat (with no allergic reaction to hurt my body) the more my body can process, the stronger I get, including my immune system, translation: immune system can start functioning as it's supposed to. This is a fantastic day.


Another BioSET. I found out I was allergic to my cereal, dish soap and lip gloss. Lovely. Well, at least I'm not anymore!

Good News

Grandpa's Birthday was yesterday and my cousin got engaged, too!!

BioSET & Q-Link

I had two more BioSET's today and bought a Q-Link. It's a pendant you wear around your neck to ward off the negative effects of electromagnetic fields. It strengthens your personal biofield when threatened by cell phone signals and TV signals and radio signals and satellite signals and all that jazz. Not only does it sound new-agey and cool, there is tons of scientific research stating these facts. I'm going ahead and giving it a try. I bought one for my Dad, too - it's his birthday tomorrow. I was but am no longer allergic to: Whatever was in the Fatty Acids Kit My Vegannaise

Friday the 13th & BioSET

Two more Bioset's I was but am no longer allergic to: chocolate!!!!!!! sugar wheat (I eat gluten-free anyway but this is good because there is wheat in so many things.) a bunch of other things (it's hard to keep track!)


After another two BioSETs, I was but am no longer allergic to: milk (which I don't consume anyway) my inhaler (which is good since I sometimes need it to breathe) my shampoo my conditioner my face cream He did the Acid Base Kit and Heavy Metals Kit so I'm no longer allergic to a whole bunch of things in those. The kits are groupings of like things so we can be cured of a bunch of allergies to similar items instead of one item at a time - which would take forever!

Mom's Birthday and BioSET

It's my Mom's Birthday! I had two BioSET treatments today. The way it works, you have one treatment and your body needs two hours before it can undergo another one. They are kind enough to let me wait in their office because I'm over an hour away. I was but am no longer allergic to: apples bananas potatoes He also did the mineral kit so I'm not longer allergic to a whole bunch of minerals and such.


My Mom, sister and I went to Vegas and met up with my Aunt, Bill (her boyfriend) and their dog, Cuddles. Bill and Cuddles left to visit his daughter who lives quite a ways from the Vegas Strip. (And because it was a girl's trip and he didn't qualify.) We had so much fun this weekend! Lots of eating, lots of waiting in line to eat, lots of walking, lots of gambling - I actually gambled for a very short period of time. Lost all my money. In a very short period of time. My sister said to Mom, "Hope you burned that into your memory because she'll never gamble again." Yup. I never saw the appeal. Now I really don't! Anyone out there have a horrible gambling story? Or better yet - a GREAT gambling story??

First BioSET

Have you heard of BioSET? My Dad gave me a book for Christmas called The Food Allergy Cure by Dr. Ellen Cutler and I perused it. They all say 'cure' but then tell you to stay away from that food or product - newsflash, that's NOT a cure! But this book literally tells you how to cure yourself of allergies! CURE!!! I did some of the questionnaires and based on the results and other things I've read in the book - and knowing my own background - I decided I needed to go to a BioSET practitioner. Let him/her treat me! I want to do this right and do this quickly. I found a guy just over an hour away and had my first appt. He's also a chiropractor and I got a treatment - which included a cranium adjustment that most chiropractors don't do. Guess what else? He fixed my short leg! My old chiropractor said I would always have one leg slightly shorter than the other. Fortunately, it didn't effect the structure of the rest of my body. But this guy said the leg itself i

Finished Second-in-Series Novel

I have finished the second in the Mystery/Adventure Series set just outside Chicago in 1875. I may have completed the manuscripts out of order but I now possess three novels in this series. I believe I shall take a break from the Westin family and their wacky adventures and work on a paranormal series set in Chicago in current times. Let's give those agents and publishers some choices!

Happy Birthday + Book

Happy Birthday to my lovely sister. I won't get to see her today but we got to hang out yesterday. Also, on this auspicious day, I finished writing my 2008 NaNoWriMo Novel! The third in my Mystery/Adventure Series, featuring the powerful but cash-strapped Westins. After typing it in comes the wonderful editing process. One huge goal completed, the next huge goal awaits...