Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have big hearts and a big home and there is no way we're going one more day without sharing these things with innocent creatures who have need.

We welcome two kittens (sisters - I think they're both girls. I hope they're both girls...)

They're so cute!

They're a bit skittish as they've never seen a bathtub before, or a toilet or a bathroom or an oven, a refrigerator - a kitchen.

(Strangely enough, despite never having seen a kitchen, they both ran toward the noise of the can opener...I never fed them canned cat food so how do they know? Is the sound of a can opener imprinted on their DNA? Mama cat was adopted from a shelter and their papa is a tom so...)

They are adorable and won't leave the living room and dining room. They have a whole house to explore! They've never been inside a structure with more than two rooms before.

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