Friday, December 4, 2009


The cat moved.

After I go through his violent behavior, hypothyroidism, enlarged heart, crushed pills every 12 hours, radioactive poop, radioactive cat, countless throwing up spells - after all the sickness and biting, he gets cured and then moves.

I'm so sad. He wasn't very happy with the thought of driving cross state lines and evidently, he meowed (whined) for over three hours straight in an enclosed car, driving my poor sister into a frazzled state of mind.

He's gone. Twelve and a half years of this bundle and joy, minus the time I hightailed it to Hollywood. Gone.

But he's alive and he's (finally) healthy so I'm not sad, sad. Just missing him sad. It's not like I can e-mail him. Well, I could.

It's not like I can follow his Twitter.

It'd just be, 'Meow-mrrrr' anyway so I guess it's just as well.


Admiral Hestorb said...

My girl is hyperthyroid but she is alright with her gel. I would miss her if she were gone. I would be devastated if she were gone. =^..^=

So far we have avoided the I-131.

Jennifer Oberth said...

We simply could not give him his pills on time every time. We didn't realize how hectic our schedules were until we tried giving these pills every twelve hours.

Also, the pills would end up killing him eventually and we figured the side-effects of radioactivity outweighed those of the pills plus the pills weren't helping him all that much.

Now it's almost a year later and we're happy to report he's doing fine, a little sick at the moment but not hyperthyroid. (He is over 13 years old by now!)

Glad your gal is doing good with the gel! These are hard decisions to make, aren't they? And we have to make them with no input from our little tykes!!!!