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Jennifer Oberth

 Ella Westin Mysteries

 A humorous cozy mystery series set in the 1820s follows the investigations of Ella Westin, a government agent. How is she supposed to navigate a town full of pirates, government agents, criminals, and the strays she takes in without losing her mind?

 These short stories/novellas are cozies in every way (no graphic violence, swearing, no on-page sexy time, no harm to animals) except Ella is a professional crime fighter.

       0.)          Ella & Jasper Shorts

1.)           Married to Murder

2.)          Honeymoon Homicide

3.)          Toxic Train

4.)          Unpacking the Undertaker

5.)          Queen’s Quest

6.)          Bury the Boss

7.)          Christmas Caper

8.)          St. James’s Stocking (in the Cozy Crew Christmas Anthology)

9.)          Wobbly Westin

10.)       A Sister’s Sense

11.)        Lefty Lucy (Coming soon!)

12.)       Valentine’s Villain (Coming soon!)

 Masked Rider Mysteries

 Follow the zany adventures of a new generation of Westins. These novels take place in the late 1800s, the cowboy era. The townsfolk of Maverick Flatts don’t know who creates more havoc—the mysterious Masked Rider or the large Westin family. Holly Westin is drawn into mystery after mystery in this entertaining cozy series. 

1.)           Masked Rider: Origins

2.)          Hidden Hollow Hotel (Coming soon!)

3.)          Dead Dad Deception (Coming soon!)

3.5)  Cruel Cape (Coming in time for Halloween 2025 as part of the second Cozy Crew anthology book!)

 Standalones (for now)

 Georgia Meets Virginia

Mr. E in Cabin 187 (The Hudson Agency)

 Ellie Oberth

 Hazel Cartbell Mysteries

 Officer Hazel Cartbell is a policewoman in the small New Hampshire town of Andover. Whenever there’s a murder committed in the community, she teams up with Police Chief Rasmussen to solve the case. Unfortunately, the town boasts several quirky wanna-be-detectives who love to interfere. 

1.)           Who Murdered the Ghost?

2.)          Who Murdered the Clown?

3.)          Who Murdered the Holiday Spirit? (in the Cozy Crew Christmas Anthology)

4.)          Who Murdered the Elf?

5.)          Who Murdered the Devil?

6.)          Who Murdered the Skeleton?

 Danby Mysteries

 Chicago PI, Carl Danby, investigates cases for an international detective firm. In a bid for forced retirement, his boss saddles Danby with a rookie sidekick prone to excitement. In spite of Danby’s old-fashioned methods clashing with the newbie’s modern technology approach, they get the job done. 

1.)           The Hudson Agency—Chicago Style

2.)          From Beyond the Grave

3.)          Write Along

4.)          Lockdown at the Lighthouse (Coming in time for Halloween 2025 as part of the second Cozy Crew anthology book!) 

Standalones (for now)

 Frenzied Bid for Murder (Novel)

Directed to Death

Crash Course in Homicide

 Renae Janecek

 Short Diner Mysteries

 A humorous cozy mystery series set in a small Texas town features Lia Short, a waitress at her parents’ diner. Whenever she’s not bussing tables, she’s busy writing her own mystery novels or solving real-life crimes with her best friend Harris. 

1.)           Toast and Strangled Eggs

2.)          French Toasted

3.)          Silk Pie Stocking (in the Cozy Crew Christmas Anthology)

4.)          Scorned Beef Hash

5.)    Raspberry Capes (Coming in time for Halloween 2025 as part of the second Cozy Crew anthology book!)

 Elinore Dullard Mysteries

 Childrens’ librarian, Elinore Dullard, is saddled with a grumpy ghost. The unlikely duo solves mysteries in the Chicagoland area. Juggling work, family, and friends isn’t easy when you’re being haunted by a deceased thriller writer who craves excitement in his afterlife. 

1.)           Spectral Speculation

2.)           Dingbat Demise (intended publication next year)


BONUS BOOKS—Two of us write children’s stories!


Lady Emma Croc

 The Imagine Yourself Adventures 

1.)            Kitty Cat Caper

2.)            Moon Mission


Renae Janecek

Thankful and the Apple Orchard (Coming soon!)