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Get Smart

A co-worker has been lending us his "Office" DVD's and we are loving it! Last summer, my sister sat me down and had me watch "the 40-Year-Old Virgin" since I had become a fan of Steve Carell. I was pleasantly surprised. I thought I'd hate it. Today, my sister and I went to see "Get Smart" and we thoroughly enjoyed it. Except for the throwing up. Throw up humor is not humor to me. It's just gross!

Indiana Jones IV

Now that my sister, her boyfriend and I watched the first three Indy's, we could finally go to the theater and watch the fourth. I really liked it. Though, I kept nudging my sister about how unsafe a refrigerator is. I finally shut up when one of the characters told Indy how unsafe a refrigerator is. I keep missing the little touches that I love - the little touches that make a movie worth watching. I missed the visual oens that reference the past movies, such as the Ark of the Covenant being in one of the boxes in the beginning. When the kid got bit by the scorpion and Indy asked how big it was and the kid said huge and Indy said good, I wondered if that was true. I supposed so since it's in a movie and audiences despise inaccuracy. My sister nudged me and said her boyfriend just whispered that it's true, he learned that in the desert. Talk about instant gratification to an unasked question!

Indiana Jones III

Vindication! Okay, this movie was a hundred times better than the second one. I love Sean Connery - though all I could think of when he spoke was Will Ferrell and Jeopardy... After the movie, again, at my sister and her boyfriend's house, I got up and walked a few steps to the ping pong table. Can you believe I'm admitting my little sister beat me twice?

Indiana Jones II

Holy Toledo After work, I went to my sister and her boyfriend's place, to watch this movie. This is one of the worst flicks I have ever seen. And it even has evil Indy and Harrison Ford with his shirt off! How could it go so wrong? I'll tell you this, I lost the plot somewhere during the nightclub scene. For those of you who haven't seen the movie, or those who have and have blocked it from memory, that is the first scene. Actually, the movie had like three scenes - which is strange considering the fact that every scene went on forever! Never to come to an end for the next one to start! I did laugh when the elephant kept bugging the chick with his trunk and she kept removing it from her neck. Then a snake began slithering down her neck and Indy jumps up and back and she rips it off saying, "I hate this elephant!" I love that Indy was about to bolt instead of help - of course, if I was saddled with that chick for more than three seconds I would have bolted.