Saturday, June 21, 2008

Indiana Jones IV

Now that my sister, her boyfriend and I watched the first three Indy's, we could finally go to the theater and watch the fourth.

I really liked it.

Though, I kept nudging my sister about how unsafe a refrigerator is. I finally shut up when one of the characters told Indy how unsafe a refrigerator is.

I keep missing the little touches that I love - the little touches that make a movie worth watching. I missed the visual oens that reference the past movies, such as the Ark of the Covenant being in one of the boxes in the beginning.

When the kid got bit by the scorpion and Indy asked how big it was and the kid said huge and Indy said good, I wondered if that was true. I supposed so since it's in a movie and audiences despise inaccuracy. My sister nudged me and said her boyfriend just whispered that it's true, he learned that in the desert.

Talk about instant gratification to an unasked question!

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