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Books & Things Thursday - Golden Donut Contest

Guess what? My Mom (Ellie Oberth) was one of 10 finalists for the Golden Donut Award! The Golden Donut Contest was quite specific. It had to be 200 words - not one word more, not one word less and this included the title. It had to be about the photo ( click the link to see ) and there was a fee to enter. (Usually, that's a red flag no-no but we knew this contest was legit as it was part of the Writer's Police Academy and the funds went to benefit the GTCC criminal justice foundation.) We didn't realize she was a finalist until after the Writer's Police Academy ended and we weren't at the Banquet when they announced the winner. Congrats, Mom!!!!

Wordless Wednesday - Embassy Suites in North Carolina


Baker Street Saturday - When is season 2 going to air?

Yeah, so I can't find a consensus on when season 2 of Sherlock  is going to air. This link indicates it might air in Britain long before the U.S. I don't care about that as long as the DVD (my region!) is released in the fall. Photo by Morigan1 on Flickr Ah, another light Baker Street Saturday post because later today, my best friend's sister is getting married and it's going to be such a fun celebration!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Baker Street Saturday - More Holmes Haikus

It's light fare today in Baker Street: (Haikus - 17 syllables, 5/7/5) Can you identify which stories the following refer to? Sherlock Holmes Haikus Things we send by post. What is in the cardboard box? Don't ask - really, don't. A killer kills Holmes? Sumatra River Fever. Watson overhears. These Sherlock Holmes haikus are too easy for guessing which story inspired them: Hope you enjoy!

Book & Things Thursday - Jennifer Oberth Interview on Here Be Dragons Blog

I've been interviewed by the lovely Hannah over at the Here Be Dragons Blog!! It was a lot of fun, I really enjoyed some of the questions she asked. Check it out !