Saturday, September 3, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - More Holmes Haikus

It's light fare today in Baker Street:

(Haikus - 17 syllables, 5/7/5)

Can you identify which stories the following refer to?

Sherlock Holmes Haikus

Things we send by post.
What is in the cardboard box?
Don't ask - really, don't.

A killer kills Holmes?
Sumatra River Fever.
Watson overhears.

These Sherlock Holmes haikus are too easy for guessing which story inspired them:

Hope you enjoy!


Hannah said...

Seriously? I have a draft for my blog full of literary haikus set to publish this week!

Jennifer Oberth said...

Awesome! Great minds think alike!!

Ellen Whyte said...

Cute idea!

Ellie said...

I know those stories!!! Just can't think of the titles--