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'Sherlock' Awards and Slip of the Tongues

Sunday (six days ago), England had the BAFTA TV Awards and live Tweet'd it for those of us unable to view it. (Thank you!) Sherlock won the award for Best Drama. Martin Freeman won best Supporting Actor for his role as Dr. Watson in Sherlock . All on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Birthday, too! Benedict Cumberbatch did not win Best Actor - which is disappointing to me because he's amazing. It's funny, though, because everyone was talking about Matt Smith (for Doctor Who ) and Benedict Cumberbatch being up for the same award - and Steven Moffat writes for both shows. What I pictured for work the next day, on the set of Sherlock , was Martin Freeman laying it on thick about Sherlock winning best drama and he winning Best Supporting Actor and Benedict...oh, wait. Nothing. (I've heard Martin Freeman is a bit of a jokester.) But then Martin Freeman let it slip that Benedict Cumberbatch is going to be in the Hobbit - something he wasn't supposed to tell peop

My Sister's Wedding Day

Today, my sister gets married! It's all very exciting, especially with this Chicago weather and the ceremony being outdoors...Can't wait to see what happens. As the maid of honor, I can't wait to see what duties I shall face - hopefully with dignity and grace but, well, we can't all be Pippa Middleton. I'll just do the best I can. I won't have internet access (I don't think. Heck, even if I did, I don't know when I'd have the time to go online - it's Wedding Weekend!) so I'll leave you with the picture of my book. (The bride and groom are quite shy people and I'll post pictures when I can if given permission.) I dedicated the story to my sister and soon to be brother (very soon!) so I figured, why not add this bit of shameless self-promotion on their wedding day! (Only 99 cents and can be purchased here . Oh, and you can check out a 50% sample free.) Check it out and in the meantime, know that my family and the groom's famil

Wedding Wednesday - Travel-Themed Shower

My sister's Wedding Shower couldn't be a surprise because she had to fly in for it, but I managed to make the theme a surprise. Travel-Themed - and it fits the couple perfectly. In fact, about 8PM the night before the Wedding Shower, my sister called to say their flight had been canceled and it was the last flight of the day... I told her (after putting the time and effort we put into this thing) that the party was going on with or without the bride and groom. Is that irony, par for the course or just a plain old nail biter that they almost didn't get in for their Travel-Themed Wedding Shower because of travel-related problems????? Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Beach Cake (Hand Made) : Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Prize - Handmade Travel Quilt : Travel-Themed Wedding Shower Centerpieces : Hawaii Table Caribbean Table (Yeah, yeah, so there WAS a pirate at my sister's Wedding Shower even though I told her (through the dedication of my short story Married

Top Ten Reasons Catherine Tate should remain on 'The Office'

SPOILERS for The Office (2011 Season Finale) : Dana, if you're reading this, STOP until you're caught up to the 2011 season finale of The Office . Okay, to everyone except Dana (and anyone else who isn't caught up) – read on! The producers of The Office want Catherine Tate to replace Steve Carell  – but she's doing that play ( Much Ado About Nothing ) in the U.K. with David Tennant (former Doctor Who co-star). The play runs to September but filming for The Office starts in August, I believe is the problem. (There are so many creative ways to deal with this situation...) Catherine Tate is my top choice for replacing Steve Carell on The Office and here's why: Photo Album Catherine Tate Photos 1.) She's hysterically funny. 2.) She can handle the Scranton Branch with as much finesse, authority and understanding as Michael Scott. (Translation: none!) 3.) It would be awesome to have a woman manage the branch and would distance us from comparing

Edward Hardwicke (1932-2011) - Dr. John Watson

Edward Hardwicke died Tuesday (May 17) at the age of 78. ( His Obituary ) He was an actor at age 10! I know him from the Grenada Television Sherlock Holmes series - he played Dr. John Watson. (An awesome role in and of itself, I think.) He played to Jeremy Brett's very cool portrayal of Sherlock Holmes. I watched some of this series in college and then again recently. I've only seen Edward Hardwicke in a handful of the Sherlock Holmes eps but he made his impression on me. He was so soft-spoken and gentle - if I were Watson I'd want to reach out and strangle Holmes on a regular basis!! Have you seen his Watson? In The Dying Detective , he broke my heart when Sherlock Holmes announced he wanted a doctor he had confidence in, not Watson, and Watson/Hardwicke's face! And in The Boscombe Valley Mystery , when Holmes asks if Watson (who is on vacation) would accompany him on a case. Watson says of course he'll come. Holmes seemed surprised and grateful - then sai

Wordless Wednesday - Up, Up, Up!


Wordless Wednesday - It's Somebody's B-Day Tomorrow!