Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Stephen J. Cannell

My Blog Post about him

What I wrote about him in January 2008


Chatty Crone said...

So what kind of books did he write - and how did he die? I am sorry I don't know him, but I know you liked him very much.

Jennifer Oberth said...

I think he wrote 'harsher' books than his 'light' TV shows might suggest. I haven't read them yet but now I will.

His website says he died of cancer at age 69 - I didn't know he was sick. I also wonder what Dirk Benedict might be thinking. (He played 'Face' on 'the A-Team'). He had prostate cancer and cured it.

I did like him very much. As a kid, I thought every show ended with a guy at a typewriter throwing a piece of paper behind him and it landing on a pile that curled up!

alicia said...

I'm sorry I don't even know him. But sorry to hear of his death. I think it's cool that you can think so highly of someone even as a kid. Happy WW!

Raquel N. said...

So sweet. Great photo of you two.

Buckeroomama said...

He must have really touched your life in a special way.

LifeRamblings said...

what a priceless shot. sorry to hear about his demise. i haven't read any of his books but i enjoyed some of the hit TV series like A-team, 21jump st, Hunter and Magnum.

Brian said...

How fortunate you were to actually meet him!

amandab said...

I didn't know who he was until you mentioned the way the tv shows ended! I had seen this mentioned around and everyone seems to have a different favourite shows (my husband nominated The Rockford Files and Wiseguy, both he still watches went the get re-run).

Glad you got the chance to meet someone who obviously touched you greatly.

Happy WW

Anonymous said...

so sorry to hear about this, but I really do like the photo you were able to capture. Have a wonderful Wednesday.

Secret Mom Thoughts said...

Sorry to hear he died. So nice you got to meet him.

Jennifer Oberth said...

Alicia - absolutely.

Thank you, Rachel!

Buckaroomama - yep, he really did. Great artists are like that - and I was the sort of kid that craved inspiration and hope. (I wasn't the happiest child with the health problems.)

Life Ramblings - I didn't know he was in 'Magnum P.I.! I just looked it up and IMDB says he played a hotel detective in 'A.P.P.I.'

IMDB also says he's up 6,033% in popularity this week. Awwwww...

He also did 'Cobra' and 'Hardcastle and McCormick' and 'The Commish' and he was in 'Diagnosis Murder' and 'Chips `99' and 'Silk Stockings' and on and on and on.

Man he lived his life! I bet a lot of you saying you never heard of him have enjoyed the stuff he's done anyway.

Brian - I know, it was really cool. He was so nice and humble and a great speaker. That deep voice was great! I kept thinking, "That's Dutch Dixon", the bad guy on 'Renegade' because that's the most I've seen his acting.

I enjoyed seeing him on 'Castle', too. He generally showed up playing poker as himself with a bunch of other (real) writers chatting with Castle.

(I was just saying to my mother I wonder if he is the real writer of the Richard Castle books or if it's a compilation of the writers on the show. I wonder if we'll find out now that he's passed...)

Amandab - 'The Rockford Files' is way up there but I don't think I could pick a favorite. The first time I went to see him at the Borders, he was giving away the just-about-to-be-released DVD of 'Rockford' to a lucky audience member. (I didn't win.)

Thank you, And Miles To Go!

Jennifer Oberth said...

Thank you, Secret Mom Thoughts.

(The pics of your kids on your Blog are so sweet!)

Unknown said...

Wow, great pic.

I watched a lot of shows he was on. Still sad though.

Feel free to stop by my WW post ;)


animal lover, quilt lover said...

Hello and thanks for coming to me blog. You sound like a very interesting girl and I would like to get to know you.
Please come again soon.
XXOO, Bambi & Fern

jillconyers said...

Great photo of 2 very happy people.

My WW is here if you want to take a peek
Life...as I see it

Admiral Hestorb said...

How wonderful..well and truly that you were able to meet him.

I haven't read him but I know his name.

I remember that throwing of the piece of paper!!! You brought back a crystal clear memory!

Crone and Bear It said...

How wonderful you got to meet him - I so enjoyed his work - both on tv and written word. ;)