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I have joined Script frenzy despite my better judgment (shouldn't I be concentrating on my near-finished novel first?). I am actually excited by the thought of writing 100 pages of a script in 30 days. Am I crazy? You bet. I think that's a requirement in the creative field...if so then I'm covered in spades. How about you?

"Your Refund is Getting Out of This DeathTrap With Your Lives!"

Will Ferrell is so funny! So my sister and I went to see 'Semi-Pro' , which I thought was all about volleyball. It's basketball. And I just laughed and laughed - if you just want to lose yourself and have a blast, go see this movie. Just don't bring your kids. My sister was so annoyed as the little kids surrounded us in the theater because this is NOT a kid's movie and I think the parents (wherever they were) should be ashamed of themselves! Am I wrong? Kids should not be seeing some of the parts of this movie. My sister even said that we should not be seeing some of this stuff! My Favorite Line: "Your refund is getting out of this deathtrap with your lives!" Slight Spoiler Sort Of/Not Really: I loved the part when one of the players was knocked unconscious during the game and the team starts to pick him up - it was actually touching - and the announcers say something like, "And his teammates are picking him up, with no regard at all to keep