Saturday, March 22, 2008


I have joined Script frenzy despite my better judgment (shouldn't I be concentrating on my near-finished novel first?). I am actually excited by the thought of writing 100 pages of a script in 30 days. Am I crazy? You bet. I think that's a requirement in the creative field...if so then I'm covered in spades.

How about you?


Sweet Romance Writer said...

Hi. I just saw that you left a comment on my blog. Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my posts! Our writing group meets at our public library once a month. We sometimes bring short pieces for each other to read and comment on. We share ideas for future works. There's no set order, since there are only two of us. Sometimes one will bring in a book on writing to talk about, or one of us might bring in a copy of an article in a writing magazine for the other. We started out writing basically the same genre, but then the other person changed her genre and length of works to something she likes better. I reaped the benefits of her change; she gave me the books she'd bought on writing that genre! LOL!

Come by my blog to see how I'm viewing writing today.

Anne Spollen said...

Hello! I read your comment on my blog and just saw what you are doing in the next thirty days. I feel like I've finally met someone equally, or maybe MORE, swamped than I am. Good luck! Let us know how you make out.