Saturday, June 25, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - Six Dinner Guests

Au and Target had asked me what six dinner guests I would invite and I did a Post of real people (alive or dead) on Monday which you can read here.

Today, I'm doing a Sherlock Holmes edition:

1.) Number One spot goes to Sherlock Holmes - Jeremy Brett's version. He would be, by far, the most off-the-wall dinner guest I can think of. Will he come to dinner dressed as a vampire? Will he dart his eyes at each of my other guests and give that half smile? Will he insult anyone or solve any crimes that need solving? Will he eat?

2.) Doctor John Watson - Edward Hardwicke's rendition. His tone and choice of words would be a comfort throughout this strange dinner. (It would undoubtedly be strange.)

3.) Sherlock Holmes - Benedict Cumberbatch's portrayal. He would be a bit rude (at least come across as so) I'm sure, he'd probably eat nothing and he'd be texting the whole time. (Solving those cases Jeremy Brett's Holmes' wouldn't know about since he'd be at a distinct disadvantage at his lack of technology.)

4.) Doctor John Watson - Martin Freeman's version. He'd kick his Holmes under the table and mutter at him to behave. This'll work for about seven seconds. Then he'd send a quick text to his Mycroft and have him disable his Sherlock's phone. Plus, he's bound to write this up on his Blog and maybe we could become Blogging Buddies!!

5.) Mrs. Hudson - Una Stubbs' version because this poor woman will need all the love, respect and appreciation she can get before the full weight of taking on Sherlock as a tenant sinks in. Plus I will somehow have to ask her, as delicately as possible, what exactly her husband did in Florida...

6.) Sherlock Holmes - the real one. The one from the books. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original coupled with my imagination; my interpretation of his words and descriptions through Dr. Watson. I would love to see this original Holmes who'd have the Jennifer Oberth twist. Of course he probably wouldn't eat either.

And I'm a rather picky eater, as friends and family can attest. No gluten, totally vegan and I'd probably not be very hungry anyhow so while the Watsons would be soothing and devouring the meal, trying to keep their Holmes' as socially acceptable as possible, the Holmes' and I would be talking and not eating.

Why can I picture Mrs. Hudson sending scowling looks at all the Holmes' and unconsciously picking up the dishes at the end of the uneaten meal?

What an awesome dinner this would be!

I just hope the Moriartys don't find out about it. Or any of the Colonel Morans. I wouldn't want my house blown up or food poisoned or shots of airguns careening through my windows.

I still say current John Watson and I could be Blogging Buddies.

(P.S. I'm ready to scrap this whole Post because I looked up how to properly pluralize the name 'Holmes' and came up with no consensus. Is is 'Holmeses'? 'Holmes'? 'Holmes''? Where's my editor when I need her! I told you I needed an editor even for my Blog Posts!)


Chatty Crone said...

I don't know the proper way to write that - but it doesn't matter - cute post and what a great dinner party that would be - would love to come.


Live Out Loud said...

Oh, Sandie - you are so invited!!

Au and Target said...

Holmeseseseses, all you have to do is figure out when to stop spelling it :-) Fun post.

Live Out Loud said...

Au and Target - you crack me up!