Monday, June 13, 2011

Monday Misc.

1.) I had intened to write up my take of the Sisters In Crime Chicagoland Chapter Meeting that took place on Saturday but it will have to wait. I'm feeling rather tired and cough-y today and only have the Post half-written.

2.) As an author, I feel that my Blog Posts must be as perfect as possible (writing-wise) and any deviation from proper grammar or heaven forbid, typos, is simply unacceptable. I swear if it wasn't so time-consuming I'd hire my editor to go over my entries before I post them! She'd think me nuttier than I really am. Although I attribute this particular nuttiness to my perfectionism which is bad for me but good for you. I hope I provide a high-quality Blog and even higher caliber of short story - short stories and novels to come. Yes. Maybe not so good for you if you liked Married To Murder and are awaiting further adventures. Perfectionism is keeping them from the public.

3.) By the way, how has no one told me that David Hewlett and Benedict Cumberbatch are in the same movie?!!!!?


Au and Target said...

I'm still thinking about those 6 dinner guests :-)

Live Out Loud said...

Oooh, I'm so going to Post this one and soon!!!!