Monday, June 20, 2011

Misc. Monday - The Six People I'd Invite To Dinner

Au and Target has asked me what six people I would invite to dinner.

Finally, here is my answer:

Real People (dead or alive)

1.) My other grandfather - the one I never got to meet

I'd ask him so many questions and clarify a few points that my family (they are becoming crazier as I get older) disagree on.

2.) Hermann Oberth - the Father of Space Travel

The nerd in me (not to mention the genealogist) has so many questions for him!

3.) George Washington

"Seriously," I'd ask, "is this what you envisioned?" (Sorry, George, I've ruined your appetite. But look at this dollar bill. Pretty cool, huh? Huh?)

4.) Princess Diana - a true royal

I'd love to show her what she's done. How her children are turning out. The influence she's had over the future of Britian - her future king married a commoner which hasn't happened in 350 years. You could never convince me that's anything other than her direct and frank way of progressive thinking. And of Princess Diana just being Princess Diana.

5.) Elliot Ness

This guy was so cool. He came up with so many things and he was so honest and had so much integrity, he was known as 'untouchable' because he couldn't be bought. This is a man I would be honored to share a meal with. And while I wouldn't want any gruesome details, I'd be on the edge of my seat with his stories. He must have been so creative and wily and I bet he had style.

6.) Tom Baker

Evidently I met him when I was a baby but my parents have no pictures to prove this. Aside from getting lost in his booming, commanding voice, boy would I love to chat with this talented actor that contributed so much to my childhood.

Okay - there are so many more people I'd love to have dinner with - I should do this as a weekly thing!!!

I will say this -

Come back on Saturday when I shall answer this question again and include fictional people! (Saturdays are 'Baker Street Saturdays' on this Blog so you don't have to be the Great Detective himself to guess who'll fill my table...)

So, what six people (alive or dead) would you invite to dinner?


Chatty Crone said...

Very interesting people - you will meet your grandfather one day and maybe ole George!

Au and Target said...

Interesting! I'm looking forward to the next one...