Unpacking the Undertaker #4


The Ella Westin Mysteries

Unpacking the Undertaker #4

Published 12/27/2015
6,214 words


Ella is back from her honeymoon and is moving into her new home. She unpacked a particularly heavy crate and got a nasty shock. All she wanted to do was put her books on the bookshelf. Is it too late to close the crate and send it back?

#4 in the Ella Westin Mysteries


Ella Westin is at her father-in-law’s house, trying to enjoy the last days of her honeymoon, when she discovers the dead body of the undertaker while unpacking her possessions. Her husband, Joe, had gone to their office to report they were back in town.

Did I mention that Ella’s father-in-law is a retired pirate captain? Or that he and his pirate friends took the liberty to pack and move Ella’s things in secret while Ella and Joe were away on their honeymoon?

There’s common sense for regular people, there’s common sense for government agents, and there’s common sense for pirates. None of the above think alike. But it’s humorous when two out of the three get together and try to solve a murder.
Jennifer Oberth's fourth installment of Ella Westin Mysteries provides us with unexpected situations, humorous partnerships, and warmhearted dialogue.

Suppose you haven’t read the previous stories of Ella Westin. In that case, you won’t have any problems following the present one as it is easy to follow the characters, their histories, and their peculiarities.
If you enjoy the Mystery genre, the Ella Westin books, or light-hearted humor, this book is for you.

-Susann Castro