Toxic Train #3


The Ella Westin Mysteries

Toxic Train

Published 05/27/2012
19,968 words


When a fellow train passenger is murdered right in front of her eyes, newlywed Ella Westin thinks it's great that all the suspects are trapped with her. But when she can't check out backgrounds or confirm motives - or lack of - she soon finds herself in over her head.

Then an unthinking Joe seems more determined to sabotage Ella's efforts than the murderer. Will she be able to solve the case before a second death occurs? Did the murderer engineer too good a crime for even Ella's skills? Can she track the criminal or will she be derailed before she can put her plan in motion? If the couple survive, is this just the beginning of a toxic relationship?

This is the third story in the Ella Westin Mysteries.


The newlyweds Ella and Joe Westin are riding the train coming home from their honeymoon. There has been a murder. No vacation can win over that.
In the third “Ella Westin” installment, Jennifer Oberth writes a murder mystery “whodunnit” with the usual level of humorous circumstances, creating a world where a woman can boss around a bunch of male suspects without them incurring the usual prejudices. Well, they can try, but against Ella, they don’t stand a chance.
If you haven’t read the previous “Ella Westin” stories, you can start with this one; the story is so well-written that it welcomes new readers, as no prior knowledge of the characters is needed to follow the rhythm.
If you enjoy the murder mystery genre, you will love this short story.