Honeymoon Homicide #2


The Ella Westin Mysteries

Honeymoon Homicide #2

Published 08/27/2011
8,383 words


After surviving her wedding, Ella Westin is looking forward to a particularly restful honeymoon. What was she thinking?She is awakened in the middle of the night by her new husband – but it's not what you think.He wants her to solve a murder.In a drafty hotel.In the middle of November.At 4 a.m.Can she do it? Or will she add another homicide to her honeymoon?


"How would you like to be awakened and roused from your bed on your honeymoon to solve a murder?! That’s what happens to Ella in Honeymoon Homicide! Poor lass can hardly grab a robe, let alone breakfast while mischief and mayhem abound.

If you like a good who-done-it…a story that you can’t put down, then you simply must get Honeymoon Homicide. If Sherlock Holmes were female, her name would be Ella Westin.
"Can’t wait to read the next in this exciting series!"

-Linda Dix


“Absolutely loved the second book in the Ella Westin series. Great humor and great wit. Characters are also great.”

-Cassie Exline


"An entertaining murder mystery set in 1827. This reminded me of Agatha Christie's stories when Poirot or Miss Marple solve a mystery by picking up on subtle clues that no one else has noticed. A short read - and thoroughly enjoyable. I can't say too much about the plot as I don't want to give the ending away!"

G. Rogerson