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'Married To Murder' & 'Masked Rider: Origins' On Sale Through July 31, 2015

I've taken advantage of the Smashwords July Summer/Winter Sale, and I've put two stories on sale. Married To Murder , the Ella Westin series starter, is FREE through July 31, 2015. Just enter the code "SW100" at checkout. ***** If you like Married To Murder , be sure to continue reading with  Honeymoon Homicide   99 ¢ . Ella is awakened in the middle of the night by her new husband. But it's not what you think – he wants her to solve a murder. At 4 a.m. Can she do it? Or will she add another homicide to her honeymoon? This is the second story in the Ella Westin Mysteries. 8,383 words. ***** Need more Ella? Try Toxic Train   99 ¢ ! When a fellow train passenger is murdered right in front of her eyes, newlywed Ella Westin thinks it's great that all the suspects are trapped with her. But when she can't check out backgrounds or confirm motives - or lack of - she soon finds herself in over her head.  Then an unthi