'Antiques Slay Ride' Review

Antiques Slay Ride (A Trash 'n' Treasure Mystery #7.5) by Barbara Allan

About the book:

"Ho Ho Homicide. The Christmas rush is on as Brandy Borne and her quaintly quirky mother, Vivian, sniff out plum collectibles for resale, only to find the owner of a Santa's workshop worth of treasures has received some deadly tidings. It's beginning to look a lot like murder...but who wanted the deceased closed for the holidays-permanently? Maybe a rival antiques dealer, a Grinch who collects Christmas? Or the victim's suspiciously frosty stepchildren? Brandy and Vivian check their list of who's been naughty or nice, but it may take a Christmas miracle-and some help from Sushi, their elfin shih tzu-to tie a bow around the season's most wanted killer!"

19,500 Words

My Review:

At first, I was thrown by the style of writing. There are many so-called rules of writing and the good authors break them successfully. This author (Barbara Allen is really two authors collaborating - Barbara Collins and Max Allan Collins) does whatever she wants and I warmed up to it very quickly. The short story switches from first person Brandy (daughter) to first person Vivian (crazy mother) - which is becoming more popular - but in this series, they sometimes talk to us!

During a scene, the mother or daughter will break into the other's narration and they start arguing with one another. Then the editor steps in. It's oh so wrong and works oh so perfectly!

I love how the narrator will refer to a past event that took place in a previous book - and states which book to read for it. Right in the middle of the story!

The book was funny, easy to follow (once you get used to the broken fourth wall) and a Christmas delight. I love the characters, love the blind dog, and can't wait to read the rest of the series. This is a short story, hence the #7.5, but I can't wait to read a full-length tale told by these two characters.

I have to share my favorite quote from Antiques Slay Ride:

"Ekhardt's fame began in the 1950s when he got a woman off scot-free for shooting her abusive husband in self-defense. In the back. Five times. For a good while after that, husbands around here really went out of their way to be especially nice to their better halves."

I just love the humor!

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