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Cruisin' Through the Cozies Reading Challenge 2015

Yvonne at Socrates Book Reviews Blog is hosting this challenge for the fifth year in a row! You can click here to find out more about the challenge and sign up if you want to! There are four levels to choose from. Level 1 - Snoop - Read at least 6 books Level 2 - Investigator - Read 7-12 books Level 3 - Super Sleuth - Read 13 or more books Level 4 - Sleuth Extraordinaire - Read 20 or more This year I'm going for Level 1, Snoop. I've downloaded so many cozies on my Nook, I can't even begin to choose which six right now. That'll be a fun task! You can also join or keep abreast of people's progress on Goodreads . So how about you? Signing up? If so, what level?