Thursday, July 17, 2014

Tides Inn by Bill Wilke

       About the book: "The Tides Inn, a one-of-a-kind British pub, is built on the end of a small peninsula jutting out from the Yorkshire mainland. At low tide the water is below the top of the walkway and people can freely enter or exit. But when the tide comes in, access goes out, and everyone present is a captive audience. Very few customers complain. The drinks never stop flowing. However, on this night, while the walkway is inaccessible, one of the eight imbibers is murdered. The seven survivors all have motives. Apparently there is absolutely no opportunity for any of the seven to do it.

        Gruff Police Sergeant Reggie Duke and attractive Constable Dawn Tompkins clash as they jointly attempt to provide the solution to this baffling case.

       A charming, classical, old-fashioned "who-done-it" that will delight all Agatha Christy. enthusiasts."

My Review:

       I love Agatha Christie and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I adored the setting - a cozy British pub containing suspects and murder victim by a roaring fire - perfect! I like the characters, too. I would have liked the POV to be a bit closer, to give us a little more insight, but on the other hand, I liked the omniscient POV, too. I haven't read a POV like that in a long time and I sure miss it - but the sacrifice is that tighter...closeness I'm now so used to.

       I recommend this short story to anyone who likes mysteries, especially cozy, British mysteries.

       (As usual in my reviews, I'm going to mention the technical aspects of the writing. I'm a very picky reader. There were punctuation errors throughout. It didn't mar my enjoyment too much but they were there.
       Also, the short story is currently $1.99 and listed as 11,880 words but the mystery is only about 65% of that. On my Nook Simple Touch, with my settings, the mystery ended on page 25 out of 38. The rest of the pages are about the author and samplings of his other books which is a great bonus.)

Check the book out for yourselves!

Tides Inn by Bill Wilke

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