Thursday, July 10, 2014

 About the book: “The Floyd sisters are Lynda, age 13, Cheri, age 11 and Sinda, age 8. They are amateur detectives who live with their mother. The girls seem to find themselves in sometimes scary situations which call for them to become sleuths. Lynda tries to be the responsible one while Cheri and Sinda bicker a bit like sisters sometimes do. They pull together when they need to or the situation calls for it. In Tips for the Beginning Detective, the Floyd sisters offer advice to others who may find themselves in scary or unknown situations. The girls also include a mini-mystery for the reader to solve using their newfound detective tips.”

 What a fun read! This short story for kids was adorable and I can picture these three young sisters and their light banter. We get tips on sleuthing from the three girls (their personalities shine through) and then we get to test ourselves in a mini-mystery.

 I like the back story of the authors – Sinda Cheri Floyd is really two people. Sisters, actually. For more about their books and the authors, click through to the Smashwords website.

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Sinda Cheri Floyd said...

Thanks, Jennifer, for reviewing our book! Your comment was spot-on and we have enjoyed writing these books from childhood remembrances. We're glad you enjoyed Beginning Detective Tips!