Saturday, January 12, 2013

'Doctor Who' Just Isn't The Same

I love Doctor Who. Real Doctor Who. The original 20+ years. Not the new stuff.

I realized for a while now that, as much as I love sci-fi, had I not grown up with Doctor Who (real, classic) and was exposed to it for the first time in 2005 (the new stuff) I wouldn't watch. I wouldn't be a fan and I wouldn't get it.

Now, don't get me wrong, I think the writing is well done (except for the plot holes they ignore in order to get done what they want to get done) and the acting is great and the special effects are good and the music is superb - but it's not my cup of tea.

They kill things in the new Doctor Who, all the time. Innocent things. Animals aren't even safe.

And when companions leave, you know it's going to be bad. Not sad like, oh, there goes Sarah Jane Smith (companion to the third and fourth Doctor) after all those years and the Doctor is really going to miss her and she's really going to miss him but they'll both be all right and move on with their lives. But like death and dying and mental breakdowns and trapped for all eternity in parallel universes.

Where the old series is fun, the new series is heavy.

Where the old series is charming, the new series is sad.

Where the old series is laughter, the new series is tears.

Where the old series is full of hope and optimism, the new series is all about loss.

The first 7 Doctors were fun to be around. (Even the 8th, I suppose, though I didn't like the movie.)

These last 3 Doctors are miserable to be around.

If a tall guy with curly brown hair and a large scarf walks up to me, I'd pack my bags in a heartbeat and run into the police box. If a guy in a black jacket, guy in a long trench coat or guy in a bow tie comes near me I will run the other way as fast as I possibly can.

The other day, my Mom asked me why we watch the current show.

"Tradition? Curiosity? A misplaced sense of loyalty? The undying hope that it'll somehow be what it once was?"

We can't be the only ones who don't care much for the new series BECAUSE of our love of the old one but try finding people who were fans of the old one. I was a fan before anyone knew what the heck Doctor Who was. I used to hide reading my Target novels in school and get blank stares when talking to the boys about sci-fi if I brought it up.

It's kind of the same nowadays except raving fans might be aware there was some show called Doctor Who decades ago, wasn't there a guy with a long scarf.

Breaks my heart. Which is ironic since watching the new show breaks my heart every other episode as yet another nice person gets whacked or betrays the world. (Old Doctor Who, bad guys would turn good. New Doctor Who, good guys turn bad. Who wants to watch that?)

Does anyone remember the guy with the scarf back when he ruled the airwaves and we didn't want it any other way?

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