Princess Kate and Prince William are going to be a Mommy & Daddy!

How sweet! How fun for the happy couple - except the Princess is in the hospital because she has a condition that 1% of moms-to-be get (excessive morning sickness). I know, it sounds a little silly at first glance but the morning sickness is so bad, you can actually dehydrate and lose all sorts of vitamins and minerals that your body - not to mention the tiny fetus - requires.

As she's a Royal, I have no doubt she'll be well taken care of.

But how exciting is that? I just got a niece three months ago and there is no end of joy. Just like my sister's little one, I wonder if it's a boy or a girl. Can't wait to find out who the next heir to the throne is.

I love good news. Good world news that everyone can smile at.