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Arrow episode 3

I talked about Arrow yesterday on my blog . WARNING: Spoilers for the first three episodes. I missed the first few minutes because I had a phone call (picture but no sound), then the reception went down (no picture or sound) but I got it working and the first line dialogue I hear is: Guy: "You should come with to meet him." Oliver: "I slept with his fiancĂ© ." Guy: "That was before the wedding." Oliver: "It was at the rehearsal dinner." Guy: "Yeah, that's before the wedding." Then they both laugh. What a shame. That's great if it's a sleazy episode of Friends but this is our hero. It annoys me. For the third week in a row, I'm not impressed. I should probably stop watching, instead of watching and complaining on my blog. It's just so difficult to give up Paul Blackthorne again! I actually think it's a good show and done well (even if the writers are going one way when I'd go another - and

Arrow the TV Series

First of all - I have not read or seen any original Arrow material, this new TV show is my first exposure. I watched the first episode of Arrow a couple weeks ago. I love superhero movies, TV shows and books. Could that be why I wasn't all that impressed by Arrow ? There are so many similar storylines, I'm not grabbed by this one. Starting a series with a man cheating on his girlfriend (with her sister) is boring to me. And he's supposed to be our hero? I don't see it. He's cute, he's got that going for him but that's about it for me. And his disguise is a hood? I guess that beats Superman but this show is presented as serious and moody. However, I adore Paul Blackthorne , I loved him from the moment I started watching Dresden Files when it first aired on the SciFi Channel back in 2007. In this, he plays a cop, the father of the sisters the Arrow guy 'dated'. The one daughter is alive and well. The one that was cheating is now dead (sort

Writer's Police Academy - Handcuffs Are Uncomfortable

Writer's Police Academy is a unique convention for writers to experience the things they write about. In any regular writer's convention, a class named 'Handcuffing and Arrest Technique' would likely be chock full of good information for a mystery writer to compose a realistic arrest scene. But in THIS convention, you actually get arrested! You can't really see in the picture but you always want to arrest a person with their palms facing out so that even if they've hidden a key, they can't get at the lock. I've got to tell you, I struggled and moved my hands and wrists and there would be no way to twist my hands anywhere near the lock. I NEVER noticed prisoners (or anyone in cuffs) with their palms facing together or out but that night I was flipping through the channels in the hotel room and they had a documentary on a prison and they happened to show a prisoner in that lovely orange jumpsuit and his hands were cuffed with his p

Writer's Police Academy 2012

Writer's Police Academy 2012 was - wait for it - AWESOME! I don't know how Lee Lofland , the instructors, the volunteers and everyone else involved with putting it together topped last year but they did. Check back for posts about the different classes and demos. All my non-work time has been spent with the new addition to our family - my cute little month-old niece - so blogging has taken a back seat lately! But rest assured, I'm back and can't wait to catch you up on the Writer's Police Academy, as well as other things going on. I'll write soon!