Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - IRS

I've never seen an IRS truck before. I didn't know they made them. Is it like a paddy wagon for the tax dodgers?

What'd I'd really like to know is the command stenciled on the back doors.


Really? Seriously?

Is this a problem for the government? Do the drivers come back (where do they go, anyway?) wiping a forearm across their forehead at yet another terrible day of strings of cars clogging traffic following them to pay their taxes?

I mean, is this such an issue they paid for the lettering to warn us not to follow? 'Cause, speaking for myself (and I work for a tax attorney), I'd never have to resist the urge to spot this van, make a U-turn and chase it.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on the IRS' part.

Can you shed light on this ridiculous order?