Monday, August 15, 2011

Misc. Monday - Tell Me Your Honeymoon Mishap

I'm running a contest here at the ol' Blog.

Tell me your (G-rated/General Audiences/All Ages) Honeymoon-gone-wrong story for inclusion at the end of my next eBook, Honeymoon Homicide.

E-mail me or comment here.


1. You can tell me in two sentences or up to 500 words.

2. Must be G-rated - this isn't about that side of the honeymoon. This is about something that went wrong or something that didn't go according to plan. (i.e., the plane was late and you missed your cruise ship or you got lost or the hotel misplaced your reservations or your brand new husband tried out French for the first time and asked someone for a chicken.)

3. Must be your honeymoon story, not one you've heard.

4. By e-mailing me or commenting on the Blog, you're giving me permission to include your story as an extra in my eBook (Honeymoon Homicide). (It still remains your story and you can publish it anywhere else you might like. I'm just using it at the end of the eBook as an added bonus to my readers. It's just for fun.)

5. You must leave an e-mail address or Blog link where I can find your e-mail address on your profile page where I can reach you in case you win. (Otherwise you forfeit and another winner will be selected in your place.)

I will pick one winner whose story will appear in the eBook and I will give credit by name and if you wish, a link to your Blog or website.

The winner will also receive a coupon for a free copy of Honeymoon Homicide.

The deadline is next Monday, August 22nd.

Get those keyboards a-tappin' and let the stories commence!

Feel free to tell your friends and family (especially if they had a great honeymoon mishap tale that just has to have a wider audience)! Link back here, Tweet it, Facebook it and so on!


ellie said...

What a fun concept! Too bad I'm disqualified (being related and all)!!

Jennifer Oberth said...

You still haven't thought of the funny thing that happened to you on your honeymoon...(I heard it through the grapevine!)

Ellen Whyte said...

We took a honeymoon about 2 years after we married and about 5 years after we became a couple so it wasn't exactly a honeymoon type of holiday - but we loved it!

Jennifer Oberth said...

Au and Target - Two years later? Awww! At least you did get to do it. I know some people that didn't have a honeymoon at all.