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BioSET & Q-Link

I had two more BioSET's today and bought a Q-Link. It's a pendant you wear around your neck to ward off the negative effects of electromagnetic fields. It strengthens your personal biofield when threatened by cell phone signals and TV signals and radio signals and satellite signals and all that jazz. Not only does it sound new-agey and cool, there is tons of scientific research stating these facts. I'm going ahead and giving it a try. I bought one for my Dad, too - it's his birthday tomorrow. I was but am no longer allergic to: Whatever was in the Fatty Acids Kit My Vegannaise

Friday the 13th & BioSET

Two more Bioset's I was but am no longer allergic to: chocolate!!!!!!! sugar wheat (I eat gluten-free anyway but this is good because there is wheat in so many things.) a bunch of other things (it's hard to keep track!)


After another two BioSETs, I was but am no longer allergic to: milk (which I don't consume anyway) my inhaler (which is good since I sometimes need it to breathe) my shampoo my conditioner my face cream He did the Acid Base Kit and Heavy Metals Kit so I'm no longer allergic to a whole bunch of things in those. The kits are groupings of like things so we can be cured of a bunch of allergies to similar items instead of one item at a time - which would take forever!