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50,000 + NaNoWriMo

I passed 50,000 words this month - Whoo-hoo! This is the third novel in my Mystery/Adventure Series set in 1875 just off Chicago. Now I have to finish the manuscript, type it up, edit and sell it. Or, since it's #3, sell the first and have this ready to present. Hmm, perhaps finishing #2 would be the next step... (Doing things in order is boring)

A Wedding

Last night we all had a great time at a co-workers' wedding. The happy couple boogied down on the dance floor and made the rounds to every table and just looked so...well, happy. It was a wonderful evening filled with much laughter and friendship. I wish all the good luck in the world to them and my warmest congratulations!

Words, Roofs and Flames

I started having an off day the moment I got up. I had much trouble writing so my father, who is in town, suggested I go to work with him today. I could sit in the car and write and maybe even help him with his rooftop job - 1/2 hour tops, he said. A change of venue was just what the doctor ordered. Except I spent about three hours up on that roof. That cold, windy roof. He thought it was the funniest thing - I stood waiting for his next instructions, scarf covering my hair, gloves protecting my hands, I scribbling furiously in my notebook, the pages fluttering in the wind. He threatened to take a picture but his phone was not with us on the roof. I went home and burned my dinner. I was talking casually when my father suddenly shouted, "Flames! Fire!" I turned around and sure enough, flames were shooting from the food. "I can't believe I did that again!" I whined. He stopped putting the fire out to laugh. I knew when I got out of bed that it was on

Need a Push for NaNoWriMo Word Count

I'm a little behind in the NaNoWriMo daily word count. About 4,000 words or so behind. Fortunately, I've taken a vacation day tomorrow and don't have to work again until Tuesday so I have PLENTY of time to catch up and get ahead!


National Novel Writing Month begins today. 50,000 words in 30 fun-filled days. Good luck to all my fellow participants!