Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Don S. Davis

I am incredibly saddened by the news of Don S. Davis' passing.

I got to see him speak last summer. He was honest and raw. They say you bare your soul as an actor. In my experience, an actor makes someone else's words their own and creates a character life and then portrays it - you have to get out of your own way to do this.

Don S. Davis, though, got up on stage and sat down with the microphone and bared his soul. He spoke of his life; problems, triumphs, loves lost to loves found...Yes, actors do this all the time in interviews and talks like this one, but Don S. Davis hid nothing. He shared all - he truly connected to the audience.

He inspired me because at the time, I was toward the end of a particularly difficult period in my life and his words touched me in such a way that I could let go just that bit more.

I'm sure you've felt that at some point, as though someone who is speaking to an audience is speaking directly to you.

Another actor had been scheduled to attend but had to cancel at the last minute and that's when Don S. Davis appeared.
At the time, I was disappointed because I wanted to see the other actor.
After he spoke, I thought how lucky I was.
Today, I am honored. If that other actor had shown up, I never would have seen Don S. Davis, heard his words at the time I needed to hear them and never know what I'd have missed. He was a true gentleman.

My warmest thoughts go to his family and loved ones.