Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Movie Weekend

So, Saturday I went to see "Harry Potter 5" and then watched "X-Men 3" at home, as I posted in my previous blog.

Well, on Sunday, I went to see "Transformers," went to the store and bought some DVD's, went for a walk with my Dad, and then watched "Jurassic Park 2" that happened to be on television.

It was a movie weekend galore!

Oh, did I love "Transformers!" It was funny, action-packed and a teensy bit corny in some places - totally a Jenny-movie.

Not so much a fan of "Jurassic Park 2." I like Jeff Goldblum and have seen most of the first "Jurassic Park" movie. This entry seemed especially cruel to the animals. I don't like that, it takes me out of the story and then I can't enjoy the action.

Though I was fond of Jeff Goldblum's line and delivery of, "Oh, yeah. Oooh, ahhh, that's how it always starts. Then later there's running and screaming."

And you know what was kind of strange? I mean as far as brain functions go. I sat watching this movie, wondering why Jeff Goldblum's character seemed different. Later they mentioned how he was injured last time and that's when it hit me, he's actually running around here. That difference struck my subconscious mind so much that it seeped over into my awareness.

Isn't it weird how things hit you?


Ebbtide said...

LOL. Most of my weeks involve an inordinate amount of movie watching. I enjoy not only the story plot, action sequences, acting, set lighting, score music, Camera angles and creativity, but also the detail hunting that makes websites like possible. :) I just love movies!

BTW, I cannot wait to see Transformers. I think I will though...and see it on DVD so that I can go back and watch and watch and re-watch the parts that I like. I'm hoping for a whole bunch of those!

Also, you contacted me in regards to my writing...on my blog's links - to the left on the bar - I added a link to my Realms of Fantasy: Fanfiction web page. All of the stories marked "Ebbtide" are mine. More are on the way!! :)

Jennifer Oberth said...

Oh you absolutely have to see "Transformers" on the big screen!

You know, I wish the movie theatres would re-play old movies. Even if just blockbuster movies. I'd love to see "Independence Day" in the theater again and countless others - especially ones I missed or was too young for.

Isn't that a whole, untapped market?

And I will check out that link on your page.

Ebbtide said...

I don't know how many times I've wished the same thing!! I thought about contacting some theaters to find out why they DIDN'T do that. lol. But lost the nerve. They should SO totally have Independence Day...oooh, I would pay good money to see the original Star Wars trilogy on the big screen! It'd be like going back in time! :D

I hope the link works for you. From the website, you can e-mail me least, I think that my e-mail is posted there. :) Have a great day!