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Shear Madness

My family and I just got back from the highly enjoyable Shear Madness at the Chicago Theater. Brian Sills and Benjamin Reigel stole the show as hair dresser Tony Whitcomb and Chicago cop Nick Pulaski, respectively. It's a murder mystery comedy set in a hair salon and packed with up-to-the-minute jokes as well as some old chestnuts they had to dust off. It includes audience participation (we get to play detective! In fact, my Mom was singled out and was met with some barbs by the suspect she was accusing - I won't give anything away but we laughed so hard tears sprung forth.) I highly recommend everyone see this fantastic play. The current cast Buy tickets in Chicago Go see it and enjoy!

John Manning is fantastic

John Manning is an amazing photographer. Check out his website at . I highly recommend him. He's done work in Chicago, L.A., New York, Italy... I've gotten so many compliments from people in the business on my headshot . Many professionals ask who my photographer is. So when it was time to update my shots, I knew exactly who I was going to. He is based in Chicago but as I said, he travels a lot. Now I have the perfectionist-nightmare of picking the perfect headshot from the many choices but fortunately, he will help in that task. (He is far more of an expert than I am.) I will post the shot to my website, which is to come soon. Stay tuned...