Tuesday, May 29, 2007

First Entry

I’ve started this blog to track my progress in my creative and business endeavors, mainly acting and writing.

For Acting: I am currently in the process of begging my sister to download pics she took of me to attach to my headshot and resume to send to a Chicago Background Casting Agent. I had my share of background artist jobs in Hollywood and never took the plunge here in my native town of Chicago. It just seemed weird. Here, I work in an office. In Hollywood, I worked on sets. It made sense somehow. Hardworking town vs. La-La Land…

Anyway, I’ve altered my look somewhat – cut and styled my hair – and have an appointment to update my headshots on Friday. But I didn’t want to dilly-dally about signing up with the agency until I get the new headshots. I’m thinking I might as well wait at this point.

I’m going for the color headshots. I’m excited about that. And a little terrified as color is less forgiving than what you could get away with in black and white.

For Writing: I am in the process of working on three books. (I had written a contemporary mystery set in Hawaii, the first novel I wrote as an adult, but have set that one aside for so long I don’t know that I’ll ever get back to it.)

My second book is a sci-fi novel that starts revolving around a woman and ends up focusing on about 17 characters. (I’m not exaggerating.) It is set in three different sections.

My third book is a contemporary mystery set in a fictitious town in Iowa. This is the one I am either re-editing or shopping around, depending on what inspiration I'm subject to that month.

My fourth book, that I started writing in March, is in the beginning stages. I am not finished with the rough draft though I have it mapped out in my head and even on paper – which I rarely do with my books. This one is paranormal and is set in Chicago and Hell.

I’m also a member of the Sisters In Crime National and Chicago Chapters. In fact, I am currently on the Programming Committee for the Chicago Chapter and about to be trained for the Treasurer position. I’m excited.


dana said...

I didn't know you were gonna be the treasurer...make sure you count all the pennies!!!

Ebbtide said...
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Ebbtide said...

WoW! All that writing. Good luck. ;) I myself am a writer with several projects in the works. That is great that you are going to be Treasurer. WoW, lots of responsibility there. Good luck! ;) I'm sure it'll be fantastic.

Jennifer Oberth said...

Thank you so much ebbtide! And yes, Dana, I'll be sure to count every penny!