Sunday, July 20, 2014

James Garner

I'm saddened to hear that James Garner has passed away.

I've adored this man for many, many, many years!

He's on TV every time I turn it on! Each weekday, Maverick is on at 10am (CST) and Rockford Files is on at 11am (CST) and there are several Maverick episodes on Saturday and Rockford Files again on Sunday. There's no chance of James Garner withdrawl!

I named my fictional village in the Masked Rider series 'Maverick Flatts' in honor of James Garner. I was going to use 'Rockford' but there's already a Rockford, Illinois and I didn't want to use a real place. (I also fell in love with Jack Kelly because of Maverick so I get to include him in my little tribute, too.)

I love everything I've read about James Garner. He's done some great interviews.

He will be missed but he's left us hours - days - of entertainment, that future generations can also enjoy.

It's past time I bump up his autobiography to the top of my reading pile. I got this book from my mother for my birthday and I can't wait to read it. (Thank you, Mom!)

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