Monday, July 14, 2014

Exciting News - Indie Books Gone Wild

Great news! I now work as an editor through Indie Books Gone Wild. It’s an exciting position for me and I can’t wait to assist Indie authors in the last stages of prepping their manuscripts for publication.

Indie Books Gone Wild is a great place and serves all of your editing needs. If you follow the links to Jo Michaels’ blog, you can find wonderful articles about grammar, editing, writing tips and how-tos.

If you’re in need of an editor, check us out here. We also offer beta-reading services and proofreading services. If you’re not sure what kind of editor you need, check out this article.

IBGW even provides formatting for your print book.


Mission Statement:

“Our mission here at IBGW is to remove the stigma currently surrounding Indie published books.”

          I love this. It’s simple, achievable and profound.


IBGW isn’t just for authors. We run many giveaways and it’s a great way find high-quality books to read.

I’m so glad I found Indie Books Gone Wild and I’m sure you will be, too.

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