Thursday, October 11, 2012

Writer's Police Academy - Handcuffs Are Uncomfortable

Writer's Police Academy is a unique convention for writers to experience the things they write about.

In any regular writer's convention, a class named 'Handcuffing and Arrest Technique' would likely be chock full of good information for a mystery writer to compose a realistic arrest scene.

But in THIS convention, you actually get arrested!

You can't really see in the picture but you always want to arrest a person with their palms facing out so that even if they've hidden a key, they can't get at the lock.

I've got to tell you, I struggled and moved my hands and wrists and there would be no way to twist my hands anywhere near the lock.

I NEVER noticed prisoners (or anyone in cuffs) with their palms facing together or out but that night I was flipping through the channels in the hotel room and they had a documentary on a prison and they happened to show a prisoner in that lovely orange jumpsuit and his hands were cuffed with his palms facing out.

Not only is this convention great for information, real experience and a lot of laughs but even if you have an unobservant mind like mine (I've never been accused of being a Sherlock Holmes), you'll remember the info because you'll see it in real life! Because YOU'RE involved in the activities, not just taking notes.

(I forget to take notes at this convention, to tell you the truth. Heck - I forget I'm a writer at this convention because I'm having so much fun or I'm so intrigued!!!)

Stan Lawhorne is a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and retired police officer. He was in SWAT and currently is a field training officer and SCAT instructor - he teaches self defense and arrest tactics.

Cpl. Dee Jackson was one of the first female soldiers in the Gulf War. She's retired from the Marine Corp. She helped Stan out in this class, by being a good-natured victim of his handcuffing techniques.

They were highly entertaining and professional. That's another highlight of the Writer's Police Academy - these guys aren't (necessarily) teachers or instructors, they're real professionals taking us through their world.

Stan wrapped a strap around Dee's feet and attached the lead to the cuffs.

This would be used for particularly violent or uncooperative suspects.

It was a process even with Dee allowing him to do so. I couldn't imagine how difficult it would be if someone REALLY didn't want to be hogtied...

To sum up:


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