Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Arrow episode 3

I talked about Arrow yesterday on my blog.

WARNING: Spoilers for the first three episodes.

I missed the first few minutes because I had a phone call (picture but no sound), then the reception went down (no picture or sound) but I got it working and the first line dialogue I hear is:

Guy: "You should come with to meet him."
Oliver: "I slept with his fiancé."
Guy: "That was before the wedding."
Oliver: "It was at the rehearsal dinner."
Guy: "Yeah, that's before the wedding."
Then they both laugh.

What a shame.

That's great if it's a sleazy episode of Friends but this is our hero. It annoys me.

For the third week in a row, I'm not impressed. I should probably stop watching, instead of watching and complaining on my blog. It's just so difficult to give up Paul Blackthorne again!

I actually think it's a good show and done well (even if the writers are going one way when I'd go another - and they're missing golden opportunities) but it doesn't quite fit my taste.

On the good hand, from the first episode, I hoped the bodyguard would find out Arrow's identity. It seemed like it'd be a natural move. (As I said yesterday, I haven't read any original Arrow material so I don't know how the story played out.) Now I have to wait until next week to see the bodyguard coming to terms with his charge being Arrow! (Not that I'm hooked, I just want to see it.)

Oh, and this was cool for me:

In the first episode, Oliver was kidnapped and beaten for information. I assumed it was the stepfather who ordered this done. I was arrogant about it, I knew it was the stepfather. I was rolling my eyes as they were all dramatic and the camera wasn't showing the perpetrator.

When they revealed who it really was - I was shocked. That was very cool. If the show can keep the great fight scenes, stay not-so-bloody, drop the boring sex talk and not drag out the island back story, I might be able to watch and enjoy the show. As long as Paul Blackthorne stays in it. And I'd like some underlying humor, please, if it isn't asking too much. Just a bit, to draw me toward these characters I'm supposed to like.

(I'll have to watch the first few minutes on Hulu+ tomorrow to see why that guy was tattooing names all over his body. That was just weird.)

Anyone else watching this show? Liking it? Having problems with it?

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