Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - IRS

I've never seen an IRS truck before. I didn't know they made them. Is it like a paddy wagon for the tax dodgers?

What'd I'd really like to know is the command stenciled on the back doors.


Really? Seriously?

Is this a problem for the government? Do the drivers come back (where do they go, anyway?) wiping a forearm across their forehead at yet another terrible day of strings of cars clogging traffic following them to pay their taxes?

I mean, is this such an issue they paid for the lettering to warn us not to follow? 'Cause, speaking for myself (and I work for a tax attorney), I'd never have to resist the urge to spot this van, make a U-turn and chase it.

Perhaps it's wishful thinking on the IRS' part.

Can you shed light on this ridiculous order?


Maria Zannini said...

I can't imagine why they have "Do not follow", but after just finishing my taxes I know I don't want to see anything with IRS in it.

It was one big headache.

Anonymous said...

That's funny. Maybe they think people think they are like the armored trucks and they have sacks of money with dollar signs on them in the back.

Jennifer Oberth said...

Maria - I know it!

Dana - I never thought of that...It raises some interesting mystery story ideas!

Ellie said...

I can see it now. Hop in a cab & say "follow that van!"