Saturday, February 11, 2012

Baker Street Saturday - Robert Downey Jr. Has Baby Boy

I love wonderful news so I thought I'd share what I learned this week about Robert Downey Jr. and wife Susan. On Tuesday, February 7th, they had a 7 pound, 5 ounce baby boy, 20 inches long.

Susan & Robert Downey Jr.
From Google Images

They named him Exton Elias.

An interesting name. I wonder if this is a 'celebrity' thing or a 'Robert & Susan' thing. As a Jennifer, I know what it's like to think about unusual baby names. Or in my case, character names. As far as celebrity baby namings go, though, Exton is not that bizarre. It doesn't lend itself to a nickname but neither does my sister's name, whereas 'Jennifer' provides enough nicknames that every third person calls me something different!

What about you? Did your normal/unusual name make you go opposite in naming your children?

Did you consider nicknames before naming your child?

Why did your parents name you what they did?

Any nickname horror stories or great stories?


Angela Brown said...

Very interesting questions. I'm an Angela so I got called a few differnt versions of this rather simple name. But when naming my daughter, I left it to her father. He wanted to name his little one and I thought that was wonderful Her name is Danielle so she gets the shortened "Dani" which gets spelled three or four different ways lol!!!

Jennifer Oberth said...

That's so cool you let her father name her. 'Dani' is very cute for a girl. Thanks for stopping by, Angela! Angie. Ang....