Thursday, January 12, 2012

Books & Things Thursday - 'One for the Money'

I was innocently watching TV last week when a commercial came on. It was for a movie and I instantly thought, "Ooh, that looks good. I want to see that."

To my surprise, it was One for the Money! I knew a movie was being made based off Janet Evanovich's One for the Money but had no idea it was out - or that I might like it. (Well, I'd thought I might like it.)

It's so natural to judge things prematurely and just as natural to squash that judgment and give something a try but I assumed it'd look awful and I wouldn't bother going to the theater.

Let's face facts, people. The movie is never as good as the book.

Also, years ago, my Mom said she'd pictured Sandra Bullock in the leading role and I couldn't picture anyone else filling it.

Until now. Just on the commercial, Katherine Heigl looks perfect for the part. I know her from Love Comes Softly - another movie based on a book - and I liked her.

(Before you ask, no. Drippy romances - even if they're westerns - are not my cup of tea. I'm just a sucker for anything Dale Midkiff is in. Except Pet Cemetery. I'm not watching that. Wow - that's also a movie based on a book.)

Dale Midkiff 
Photo from Google Images

Now I'm hoping Mom wants to see One for the Money and we can have movie day!


Dead Herring said...

Of course we'll see it. I love Stephanie Plum!


Au and Target said...

How dreadful to have to admit this but - I haven't read the book!