Monday, January 30, 2012

2012 New Year's Resolutions

It's been a month. How have I been doing on my New Year's Resolutions?

Let's see:

On the 'Be bored' front (I'm so busy/stressed I miss the sweet moments in life), I've been struggling. I've been so busy I'm not getting stuff done I want to get done. (As per usual, I guess. Which is where this resolution came from!)

It snowed on the first or second day of this year and I sat in the window and watched the beauty nature had to offer. That counts. I've been slowing down to watch my cats. Since they're not 'new' anymore (I've had them for two wonderful years now), I've been taking them for granted. We have our routines and live our lives and I enjoy them but I've been really enjoying the enjoyment, if that makes sense. (They are so adorable!)

My sister came to town for about 48 hours and had dinner plans and then breakfast plans. I've been at work far more than my usual so getting nothing done on the book front. I planned my morning to work on the novel I'm nearly ready to publish. Her breakfast got canceled. She asked if I wanted to play Monopoly on the iPad. I hesitated for a split second but said yes. I can't remember the last time this girl played a board game with me. (Were we kids?) I sat there for a few moments thinking I ought to be working on my book when this Resolution entered my brain. I swiped my finger across the touchscreen to roll the dice and realized there was nowhere else I'd rather be in the whole world than sitting right there in my pajamas playing Monopoly with my little sister.

Resolution #1 - conquered.

#2 is more like a goal.
Publish Toxic Train, Unpacking the Undertaker, Georgia Meets Virginia, Mr. E in Cabin 187 (Anthology) and the Masked Rider: Origins.

Toxic Train, Georgia and Mr. E are a couple beta readers away from my sending them to the professional editor. They're short stories and will be published in the next few weeks.
I haven't written the Undertaker yet but the ideas are coming.
The Masked Rider is taking its sweet time.
These goals are so attainable, I'm going to have to add to them.

Hmmm, #3 (reading challenges) was going well but I haven't been reading fiction for fun in a couple weeks. I've only completed the one book so far.

#4 (50 dates) is at a standstill. I've not been working on it. My bad. Recommit!

"I want to enjoy 2012 much like I enjoyed 2011 but with more emphasis and less stress."

I said the above quote and realize I haven't really been enjoying 2012. The excitement of a new year has already worn off - which is exactly why I'm revisiting and recapping my Resolutions. I'm not letting myself off the hook - I'm doing these Resolutions and that's it!!

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