Thursday, September 29, 2011

Books & Things Thursday - Golden Donut Contest

Guess what?

My Mom (Ellie Oberth) was one of 10 finalists for the Golden Donut Award!

The Golden Donut Contest was quite specific. It had to be 200 words - not one word more, not one word less and this included the title. It had to be about the photo (click the link to see) and there was a fee to enter. (Usually, that's a red flag no-no but we knew this contest was legit as it was part of the Writer's Police Academy and the funds went to benefit the GTCC criminal justice foundation.)

We didn't realize she was a finalist until after the Writer's Police Academy ended and we weren't at the Banquet when they announced the winner.

Congrats, Mom!!!!


Ellie said...

Thanks Jenny. It was quite exciting to be a finalist in the contest even if I didn't find out until later!


Live Out Loud said...

I know - that was funny. Par for the course for us, huh?!

Life Ramblings said...

congrats to your mom. you must have been very proud of her.

Live Out Loud said...

I'm always proud of my Mom. She's such a cool lady and always up to something. (I'm lucky to have her as one of my best friends.)