Monday, August 1, 2011

Misc Monday - Family

It was a family weekend. My sister flew into town on Friday and Dad drove into town Sunday morning (8 AM).

We went through some of Oma's belongings. It was fun and interesting as opposed to sad - I was surprised about that.

I got to see my Dad (and his twin brother's) birth certificate(s) - from Germany. I don't know if it's because it's so old (sorry Dad!) or because it's from another country but it looks all fancy and is on colored paper. The paper is thin and brittle, though.

He brought the chef doll that my Mom made some twenty or thirty years ago that Oma had in her kitchen for all these years. (I'll have to take pictures for Wordless Wednesday so check back then.)

We just sat and went through pictures and paperwork and items and chatted and remembered...

It was such a pleasant way to get a little closure to the emotions running high these last couple weeks. (I hadn't gone to the service.)

It was a nice Sunday.


Fage said...

:] that does sound like a nice sunday!

Bonnie said...

It's nice to have family time isn't it?

Live Out Loud said...

It is nice. I've always thought that but it's especially nice right now!

Crone and Bear It said...

you are so blessed to have family! such treasured moments to enjoy.

Live Out Loud said...

Yes! I love family. We're all blessed if we have family we can rely on - whether blood or ones we choose as friends.