Thursday, August 11, 2011

Books & Things Thursday - 'Honeymoon Homicide'

I've decided to start a new weekly themed blog post at Live Out Loud that I'm calling 'Books & Things Thursday'. There's so much going on in the world of books, in the industry, the technology, the love, the fear, the excitement, the stories...

Who could resist? It's an exciting time as an author (and as a reader) in this new world we're all making, each day that goes by. Authors and readers - that's what it's all about.

And characters, of course. We'd have nothing without characters.

As my first post in this new theme, I shall talk about one of my characters. Because, let's face it, Ella Westin is cool!

Guess what everyone - Honeymoon Homicide, the second story in the Ella Westin Mysteries, will be for sale soon!!

The target date is August 27th so be sure to check back here for details!

If you haven't read Married To Murder yet, you can buy it here for $0.99. (You can also check out 50% of the story for free...)

The soon-to-be Mrs. Ella Westin doesn't remember adding 'solve a murder' to her bridal to-do list but when she stumbles over the dead body of her matron of honor, it looks like she'll have no choice. Especially as her groom is the one and only suspect. Throw in bad weather, a deaf hairdresser, a ruined wedding cake and a not so retired pirate and it's enough to make Ella want to throttle everyone in sight.

Can she catch the killer before the wedding is called off? Or will she be Married To Murder?
Published January 27, 2011
6,559 words


Au and Target said...

Congratulations! That should be fun. I'll check it out.

I've got a piece in The Star, the Malaysian newspaper today that's a Living In Malaysia story like my blog. You can read it for free at

Live Out Loud said...

Let me know what you think.

Your 'The Tea Ceremony' article was amazing!

You write so well and it was a joy to read. The more life I experience, the more I realize EVERYONE laughs.

Every culture, every nation, every economic level, every job, every family - everyone laughs. The senses of humor might be different, the language might be different, the generations might be different but we all end up laughing.


I loved the article and it was cool to get a glimpse into a traditional Chinese wedding tea ceremony - and to break down my barriers of thinking the same thing you did (that it was only reverent and ritualistic).

Very cool!