Saturday, August 6, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - Sign the Petition to Get the Music of 'Sherlock' Released

BBC's Sherlock had some pretty cool music. (I love the theme in particular.)

I came across a petition online to release the music of Sherlock so we can buy it.

(I know, I know - can you believe how many people have to ask the powers that be to make a product so we can spend money on it? Isn't this a gimme for TPTB?!)

Anyway, if you're interested (you only have to type your name and give an e-mail address), click here and sign the petition!

Here's a quote from the website:

"Petition to release the music of BBCs Sherlock

Published June 1, 2011

 If you agree and would like the music of BBCs Sherlock, composed by David Arnold and Michael Price, to be released on CD sign this petition!"

I hope you sign!!!!
Let me know in the comments if you did...


ME said...

Wow, unhear of that such great music isn't out there to be had.
Everyone should sign this petition!


Live Out Loud said...

Oh - 'unhearD' of - yeah, I know, right?

Au and Target said...


Happy World Cat Day.

Live Out Loud said...

World Cat Day? Hmm, seems to me they'd demand like a whole month...

Happy World Cat Day, Au and Target and Guido!!

And all cats!

(Or, as Mom says, 'It's always world cat day!')