Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baker Street Saturday - Sherlock Links

This Post is all about the links, baby!

BBC's Sherlock

This is called Sherlock's Step.
(This video is about 26 seconds long.)

Acting IS a ridiculous profession. I think of it like baking a cake. If someone watched you actually bake a cake, it might come off as ridiculous. You get dry ingredients and wet ingredients, you mix them together and create this big mess. If you're like me, you might even set something on fire. You have dishes to clean, a counter to scrub, maybe the stovetop because you were too loose with the beater. (A ridiculous-looking contraption all on its own, by the way. Usually I'm too lazy to even bother digging it out, plugging it in and jamming the beaters into the little holes – they never match up for me!)
You may have driven to the store to get the strawberries to top the fudge of this delicious cake. A hundred years ago everyone would have thought the idea of driving for strawberries to be ridiculous. Maybe you had to go to three stores to get all the ingredients. That's pretty ridiculous. Or you dug through to the back of the pantry praying for that teensy bit of vanilla extract you just need real quick.

All that might just be a whole lotta ridiculous – but when you present the gorgeous cake (and let's face it, foodstuffs is all about presentation) to your guests, all they see is chocolate, fudge, strawberries, decadence and their mouths water.
If they saw video of some of the stranger activities surrounding the baking of said cake, they might look at you funny. Especially if they've never baked before. (I'm of a category that really should never bake again.)
So yeah, acting is ridiculous but, dare I say, necessary!

Silly Cumberbatch
He is silly and oh, so cute.
(This video is like 8 seconds long.)

ugh, breathing, breathing's boring
This is so funny. Really, it is SO funny! I kept watching and the further I got, the more I giggled. I found this via Twitter.
The Tweet: "Pretty sure this is exactly what The Sims was created for."
Yes, yes it was.

BBC America's Blog Post 'Vote in the Anglo Fan Favorites Quarterfinals, Men of 2011'
Vote Cumberbatch!


Au and Target said...

You are a serious fan! have you seen the 1954 versions at Internet Archive?

Live Out Loud said...

No, I haven't. I'll have to check that out.