Saturday, August 27, 2011

17 seconds of 'Sherlock'

They've released a little commercial for season 2 of Sherlock which I happen to think is quite mean since they were supposed to air season 2 in the fall and now pushed it back to spring of 2012.

Spring of 2012? Really? Ugh!!

It's a promo so there aren't 'spoilers' per se but obviously, after that season 1 cliffhangar, any footage is a spoiler so watch if you want, don't if you don't and Bob's your uncle!!

17 seconds of Sherlock season 2

Oh, and, if you're interested - the second Ella Westin Mystery, Honeymoon Homicide is on sale now!

So is Who Murdered The Ghost - a fun read by Ellie Oberth.

And my sister has been married three months today! Congrats again!!

A busy weekend!!


Bonnie said...

I just saw a preview for the new season on PBS and was excited when I saw Sherlock. I didn't realize it was for 2012!!! Well, for now I guess I'll just enjoy the new season of Dr. Who!

Congrats to your sister and how long have I been visiting with you now? I just realized that you are an author. Congratulations on your new release!

Live Out Loud said...

Thanks Bonnie!

What would we do without 'Sherlock' or 'Doctor Who'?

Hmm, didn't know I was an author. I knew I wasn't good at this marketing/selling thing!!!

Eh, I'm having too much fun Blogging about 'stuff' I guess!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the well wishes! 3 months of bliss!