Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Well, I'm Ready To Go


jackie b central texas said...

My babies love suitcases, they think they are made just for them to cuddle up in and get carried around the house like it is an everyday thing.... Pretty kitties Jen!

Live Out Loud said...

It's a new experience for me because my sister's cat (he moved away, remember) HATED suitcases. He loathed them. If he saw a suitcase, he knew we were leaving and he would sit in front of it and growl and show his teeth.

I regret to admit my suitcase (in these pics) is still out from my sister's wedding which was well over a month ago. With the other kitty, I unpacked and threw it back in the closet immediately but now, since my darlings love it, I allow myself to be inexcusably lazy!!

Do you actually carry your cats around the house in a suitcase???