Monday, July 25, 2011

Monday Misc. - 'Psych' Book Review

Psych: Mind Over Magic
by William Rabkin

A novel based on the characters/show of Psych on USA Network.
This book was fun and entertaining. Well, they're all fun and entertaining and they're all like the show. One problem I have is the author goes a tiny bit too long on some of the antics the boys get up to. It works for the show, a visual medium, but I get caught up in the written format. However, it doesn't deter from my enjoyment.

I especially liked the Sherlock Holmes comment and the Richard Kimble reference. The author doesn't just mention them but uses who they are to depict something in the book. I like that - basically, if you didn't know Sherlock Holmes or Richard Kimble, you'd understand via connotation but you wouldn't get it.

Oh, and Jack McGee was thrown in there too - and I knew excactly who he was.

There was a running joke throughout the book of a particularly strange name (P'tol P'kah) which I assumed would get annoying but the joke did not stale.

This is what the back of the book says:
When a case takes Shawn and Gus into the Fortress of Magic, an exclusive club for professional magicians where outsiders are rarely allowed, they're treated to a private show by the hottest act on the Vegas Strip, seven-foot-tall "Martian Magician" P'tol P'kah. But when the wizard does his signature illusion and dissolves in a tank of water, he never rematerializes. And in his place there's a chubby corpse in a three-piece suit and a bowler hat.
Eager to keep his golden boy's image untarnished, the magician's manager hires Shawn adn Gus to uncover the identity of the dead man and find otu what happened to P'tol P'kah. But to do so, the pair will have to pose as a new mentalist act and go undercover in a world populated by magicians, mystics, Martians, madmen...and one murderer.


Bonnie said...

I LOVE Psych! In fact I've been thinking the new season must be starting soon. I didn't realize there were also books. I've got to search it out. Thanks for the review.

Did you like to 2009 Star Trek movie were Spock quotes Holmes's most memorable line?


Live Out Loud said...

I don't know if I should tell you this, Bonnie, but I just saw a commercial that says they're not coming back until October!

I totally got into it again because I just read three books in a row. I hopped on to deepdiscountdvd and ordered two seasons `cause they were on sale - 15 bucks each. Can't go wrong for 15 bucks, right? It's worth it for the bloopers alone, I swear...

I totally recommend the books because they remind you of the boys and the show but like I said, there's just something that doesn't quite match up. Visual mediums are different from written, that's all I can come up with. But they are thoroughly enjoyable and there are five of the novels now, I think.

Let me know what you think if you do get them and no - what is that Sherlock Holmes quote? You have to tell me now!!

Au and Target said...

Will look out for this.

Live Out Loud said...

Hi Au and Target - they're really fun.

Life Ramblings said...

sounds like an interesting read.

Live Out Loud said...

Yup! They are interesting (it's a mystery) and fun (the guys - especially Shawn - are funny/crazy) and it's pure entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I like Psych, too. The books are fun - but they are not the same. The visual is better.

But the books are good when you're in Psych withdrawal.

Live Out Loud said...

I agree, Mom. The books are great to stave off those pesky withdrawal symptoms!